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For the first time in Estonia, Tallinn University's School of Natural Sciences and Health, IAHAIO - the international umbrella organization for human-animal interactions - and the Estonian Association of Assistance and Therapy Dogs organized an international pop-up seminar "One Health, One Welfare - the Importance of Research, Education, and Cooperation" The three main topics of the seminar were: Current situation of human-animal interactions, and the importance of research, education, and cooperation; The concepts of One Health and One Welfare were introduced; For the first time in Estonia, the goals of LINK Coalition and its experience in the world were introduced, and there were discussions held on how could different Estonian institutions cooperate in order to prevent violence against and abuse of people and animals and support the victims in a more efficient way. We would like to sincerely thank Marie-Jose Enders-Slegers, Elizabeth Ormerod, Tynke De Winkel, Anne McBride, Nathalie Nordén, Luca Farina, Katrina Jõemaa, Kairi Koort, Signe Pikk, Barbi Pilvre, Maarja Tali, Liis Teesaar, Mailiis Komissarov and Mari-Helena Toompere! A big thank you to all the participants as well!

There are lands where public abuse of animals is violent and endemic. It comes as no surprise then that many of those who abuse… have experienced abuse themselves… in their homes.. in the streets. This is the Link. The evidenced connection between animal abuse and human abuse in all its forms. In such lands of Eastern Europe, not only has this connection been evidenced, but also on a scale hitherto previously unseen.One study found that 86% of the children had experienced animal abuse in public.



A fire has now been lit… and across a continent its flames are illuminating the darkness of ignorance and revealing the broken and lost. The LINK offers authorities the opportunity to find those who were hidden in a world of abuse and violence..animals and people... the opportunity to end historic Cycles of Abuse… to break those patterns where aggression is bequeathed unto the next generation… and now Estonia is leading this awakening in Eastern Europe. https://www.tlu.ee/OneHealthOneWelfare

‘Where the grasses of need are dry, the fires will consume… and the light from the fires will illuminate the darkness…. hidden in the darkness will be found the forgotten, the hidden, the neglected and the broken. 

                                                                         It is Beginning!

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