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France is very late on the question of the “Link”.

French regulations have a very fragmented approach to the phenomenon of violence, whether or not it is intra-familial. The judicial treatment of complaints from violence will thus receive a different approach depending on the type of victim who has suffered from acts of violence. There are different criminal policies, offences and sanctions. For example, there is no crime for offenses committed on animals, whatever the degree of violence that has been inflicted upon an animal.

In the same way, in the matter of animal violence there are a number of complaints that are subject to a classification without continuation or just a simple reminder to the law, the more serious infringements are often re-classified as petty.

The law does not provide measures for pets in Protection Orders which are aimed at protecting spouses and children.

The perpetrators of cruelty, abandonment or abuse of animals are not further identified in the court files.

Lastly, social workers are not obliged to report when they see animals being moved that are in distress. Worse than that, such reports could constitute an infringement of their obligation to secrecy or confidentiality.   

However, there are individual initiatives that are in line with this to promote awareness. Prosecutors have accepted on an experimental basis to propose as an alternative to criminal prosecution, have awarded internships in animal shelters, or that of members of parliament who have called on the government to demand the taking into account of this “Link”.

Conferences in France are being organized more and more around this theme.

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