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Some years ago, a German national, Claudia Buthenhoff-Duffy, whilst exploring how animal abuse could be addressed by the European Union, it was suggested whilst animal abuse did not raise significant concerns among the majority, if it could be shown that this abuse impacted in the human domain, then authorities would have to address this, their primary responsibility.

Then began a voyage of discovery! A unique journey which found over 1000 papers about research in the USA showing how animal abuse is connected to human violence and abuse… against the child.. against the vulnerable woman. This concept was brought to Europe with the first ever study program into the associations and effects which animal abuse has on the human population. A study was conducted in Romania with a control group in Berlin, Germany. The results identified that animal abusers are highly likely to be engaged in human violence and abuse.https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/0886260516659655?rss=1

From the results of this study, this association is now increasingly informing police forces and authorities across Europe. In the UK, police forces are now applying this knowledge to find hidden abuse against women and children. UK Parliament has discussed these possibilities and RSPCA first responders are being equipped to be able to discover those hidden victims of child abuse and domestic violence. In Italy, Sweden, Ukraine, Scotland, UK initiatives are now beginning.

This is a completely new and unique dynamic, being newly enacted throughout Europe.. but one which carries the evidenced potential to find and support many thousands of the most vulnerable individuals and families within our societies.


It is beginning!

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