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Land of Pufferfish, Caterpillers & Baby Geese

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Domaine of the Lady Pia of Chaol Ghleann

L'Orbrie, Land of Pufferfish, Caterpillers and Baby Geese (plus a few dogs, pigs, goats, occasional hedgehogs, mice, fleas and Luxembourgians!)

In this noble land, live very few people, but the population is highly intelligent and with great empathic connection to all four-legged sentient beings. The population's awareness of their own superior logical abilities presents a focus of intent which those from other lands, who may deliberate and delay,  may find challenging. Rather like watching a tortoise race only to see a hare go racing past. The people (actually person) of this land sees pure unconditional logic and truth and the illusional and metaphoric are an unnecessary redundancy.

For these reasons, the interpersonal world is sometimes 'challenging' whereas the virtual 'love you' social media world's rules do not demand interpretations of human behaviour. Because of the constant challenge for stimulii, boredom comes easy and activity a constant need. But the population, when captivated by an issue, can be uniquely focused and can for example (with a little help) produce a complete multi-authored book in only 9 days.

Empathy with the animal world encourages the population to copy their activities and attempts to achieve hibernation have only partially succeeded with hibernation only taking place throughout each morning.

On balance, a special people who are warm, intelligent, resilient but who also have one Achilles heel which any visitor should ignore at their peril ' DON'T SHOUT AT THE GOATS!' 





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