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Animal maltreatment, in Foggia the "Link-Italy" course live with USA, Canada and Europe

It is part of the educational activities of the ZERO CANI IN CANILE project: an additional tool for lawyers, law enforcement agencies, veterinarians, social workers, sociologists and psychologists that allows the immediate detection and prevention of violence against animals and people


It will be held Saturday, April 14th from 8.30 to 18.00 at the Confcommercio of Foggia in Via Miranda 10, as the only stop in Puglia and is part of the educational activities of the project ZERO CANI IN CANILE.

The National League for the Defense of Dogs was organized by Vieste sez Ortanova, Ass. Tilak Women's Group, Monte S. Angelo and Provincial Animal Protection Coordinator- FG. Those who practice zooerastia (sex with animals) have a strong propensity to pedophilia. It is called LINK this correlation between maltreatment / killing of animals and social danger and exists for many other forms of abuse ranging from bullying to domestic violence on women and children, to organized crime.

It is an additional tool for lawyers, law enforcement agencies, veterinarians, social workers, sociologists and psychologists to identify and prevent violence against animals and people. The United States was the first to understand this link and today in the FBI they have professionals who work exclusively on the recognition of the link to define the profile of the maltractor.

The LINK-ITALIA Association was founded at the behest of Dr. Francesca Sorcinelli, who is also founder of the European Link Coalition with Malcom Plant. Link Italia is part of the American National Link Coalition network, and is also starting with a collaboration with Link Toronto.

"We hope - says Dr. Francesca Toto referent LINK-ITALY for Puglia - that this course can be the first step to create, in collaboration with the institutions, a LINK observatory in the Province of Foggia for the prevention of violence" .

The opening work  , the Presidents of the Ass. Organizers, Dr. Giuseppe Di Leo - Ministry of Justice UEPE-FG, Directors ASL-FG veterinary dott. Luigi Urbano - Animal Welfare, dott. Francesco Fini - Randagismo, Graziamaria Starace - Councilor for Social Services Municipality of Vieste.

The course for its high quality level was sponsored by the Ministry of Justice Juvenile Justice Department and UEPE-FG community,, Province of Foggia, Confcommercio FG, City of Vieste, Municipality of Monte Sant'Angelo, Veterinary Medical Association of the Province of Foggia, National Association of Sociologists, Ass. I Bambini of Antonio Gallo, VISION and it was possible to realize it thanks to: Evviva Viaggi TO, Masseria S. Agapito, Calebasse functional center, FD Creative Studio.














Registrations are mandatory because the places are limited and must be made to:             legadelcanevieste.segreteria@gmail.com

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