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The idea of starting the Palestinian Animal League was a result of observations of the children’s hostile behavior against street animals, especially in the poor areas like refugee camps where the impact of the prolonged Israeli occupation is manifested in different ways, including the abuse of animals. Children, mainly boys, learn to act tough, as the only way to protect themselves against bullying and against the regular raids by Israeli troops inside the refugee camps, and animals as the weakest party are the target for children. It is so common to see children abusing stray cats and dogs as well as abandoned donkeys. They hang kittens and puppies, and stab and/or slaughter donkeys.

While the Israeli occupation plays a significant role in the cycle of violence in Palestine, the local traditions of slaughtering lambs and calves in public has also an impact in normalizing cruelty against animals.

The Palestinian Animal League hopes to break the cycle of violence and to raise awareness on the negative impact of public slaughters on the behavior of children against animals and among their peers.



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