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Science in a photograph? It has been evidenced in psychological science that exposure to violence and abuse can cause a progressive desensitization to protect against emotional pain with abuse and violence being accepted as normative behaviour. Unfortunately one effect is a reduction in affective empathy which is the ability to relate to the feelings of others. With high levels of domestic violence and government passive legitimisation of violence against many thousands of 'eradicable'  homeless animals.... this is today's Romania. Science in a photograph... can you see it?

The 'Making the Link Study' found that 86.3% of the children in the study had seen animal abuse in public. The following video shows the types of abuse which can be witnessed by children. In societies where such public abuse is rare, the content of this video may be disturbing. To those in Romania who are used to such experiences... it's just another day!

Warning !   Graphic content may disturb the viewer. For the children of Romania   No warning! 

Please explore freely a land which has ignored or rejected EU values. The Children   or The Animals  and please evaluate the words of the EU Commission President :

"Our European Union is more than a big common market. It is also a Union of shared values, which are spelled out in the Treaties and in the Charter of Fundamental Rights. Citizens expect their governments to provide justice, protection and fairness with full respect for fundamental rights and the rule of law. This also requires joint European action, based on our shared values.

Discrimination must have no place in our Union, whether on the basis of nationality, sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation, or with regard to people belonging to a minority. I will therefore maintain the proposal for a directive in this field and seek to convince national governments to give up their current resistance in the Council.

"This time it’s different” was the European Parliament’s motto for the election campaign. Let us jointly show that we are able to make this promise a reality. That together we are able to really change and renew Europe. And that we will jointly work to re-gain citizens’ trust in the European project. I will do my utmost to make this difference."

Jean-Claude Juncker
President of the European Commission

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