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The Academy was founded by: 
Dr.med.vet. Caroline Tomaszewski &
Journalist Peter Michael von Kohl
The Academy will undertake training in animal welfare, show in practice how
animals should be treated, and export this knowledge.

Knowledge of how animals are treated in the best way should be extended to far more people in Europe than is the case today. This applies to both professional and amateur, who in their relations with animals often lack the necessary knowledge to ensure the animals in their care, optimal life.

A contributing factor in European education right now is that there is a growing desire among consumers for better conditions for the animals we live with. Therefore, it is important to stay abreast of these developments and take advantage of its opportunities.

Relevant organizations, universities, institutions, etc., shall therefore join in order to
•    coordinate local animal welfare initiatives,
•    scrutinize legislation on EU and national levels,
•    promote a new EU Action Plan for Animal Welfare,
•    promote a new Council of Europe convention,
•    promote alternative test methods on animals,
•    promote education in schools on animal welfare,
•    set up an European Corps for Animal Welfare.

Priority 2020:
Scrutinize National Dog Laws

4th of October 2020:
Virtual Conference from Assisi on ‘Animals and Ethics’.

Our mission

We want to improve the conditions under which farm stock and companion animals are kept, and we want to make the legislators aware of their responsibilities when it comes to animal welfare.

But also the ethical side shall be scrutinized. Perhaps, we even have to ask the question: Do we need animals? If so, then we have to respect their rights, and to recognize – as said in the Lisbon Treaty of the European Union, article 13: Animals are ‘sentient beings’ – this in the way we treat them.

That is why we, the founders, have decided to set up this academy!

Peter von Kohl interviews professor in sociology and psychology Melanie Joy about carnism and her new book published in Denmark in November 2015
The Illusion....... and the Reality

The Francis of Assisi European Academy for Animal Welfare and Ethics

  • will coordinate the many efforts undertaking throughout Europe to help animals, mainly farm animals, in need.

In some European countries, there are many sanctuaries, in some none.

All sanctuaries have two things in common:

  • They are open to all the animals in need, they can cope with,

  • They all have financial challenges.

The Academy would like to support two categories of sanctuaries:

  1. Farm animals sanctuaries,

  2. Sanctuaries for other animals.

In order to be a coordinating factor, the Academy will establish

  • Farm Animals Sanctuaries, Europe,

  • Farm Animals Sanctuaries on national level (fx Animal Farm Sanctuaries, Denmark).  

The aim of the European organization is to find best practices and export these to the other members. This goes on national levels as well.

There will within the organization be a limited number of national sanctuaries for other than farm animals.


National Sanctuaries in Romania and Ukraine

There will be a sanctuary in Sibiu (Hermannstadt) in Romania, and in Lviv (Lemberg) in Ukraine.

They will have a set-up asccording to the needs of children and youngsters to regain condidence in themselves after beeing traumatized by war (Ukraine) and the brutsal killing of stray dogs (Romania).

By learnig how to handle compoanion animals, including horses, which all are carefully selected, they shall for some weeks or longer find positive perspectives for their life.

The programs shall involve professional staff, which is paid off by various sources, mainly from Germany, Hungary, and Denmark. For Hermannstadt also by Roma fonds.



There shall be no member fee when becoming a member. By having members from various EU member countries, it will be possible to generate financial support for projects.

Furthermore, there shall via intensive media coverage of the activities of the sanctuaries be focus on programs for institutions such as kindergartens, school classes, elderly homes, organizations, etc., paying entrance fees.

Companies, organizations, school classes, and individuals shall be offered partnerships and possibilities to adopt animals.

Contact :

Peter von Kohl,

Sct. Olaigade 42,

DK-3000 Elsinore,





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