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“There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask ‘Why?'
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"We dream of things that never were and ask 'Why Not?'



The now established LINK between animal abuse and human violence increasingly informs authorities who seek to reduce both. Thousands living their lives in the darkness  of abuse can now be found. The Link can be the light which illuminates their darkness.  The  European Link Coalition is formed from organisations from many nations, working together to inform and invite these new opportunities to create better and safer societies.... for all!

'The Link' has arrived in Europe.

It Is Beginning !

In every town, perhaps in every street, there is a child at the top of a dark staircase. No-one sees. No-one knows. He hides in the corner of his room as down below, the sounds of fighting between his parents comes up to him… yet again. He cuts himself… it’s his fault… he believes so. He is learning that life is anger… only anger. And he will take it throughout his days.. anger is his 'home'… his victims are everything and everyone. And he grows and marries… has a child… and his child  hides in the corner of his room as down below the sounds of fighting between his parents comes up to him… again… and again…and…again!


 A woman trembles as a key turns in the lock. She will be abused… again! No-one sees. No-one knows. No distinction, no separation. All forms of abuse follow the same aetiological pathways whether directed toward the child, the vulnerable adult or to the family pet. ALL are part of the same ‘Cycles of Abuse’. They lie empty in the darkness.... the battered creatures. The silent exercise of coercive power… enacted across a city… across a nation… across a continent! But this hidden abuse CAN be found! By exploring beyond the abuse of an animal, darkened rooms can be illuminated and hidden abuse revealed for the first time. ‘The Link’ is the light which can illuminate the darkness and save the vulnerable.

     All Are Connected !


This concept is called 'The Link' and it now comes to most European countries for the first time.

Animal abuse does not exist in isolation. Exploring whether an animal abuser presents 'Danger' to humans can identify and protect the vulnerable. In the UK, application of this concept referred 'at risk' children of whom 86% were previously unknown to authorities. They were 'hidden' and rescued. 

In many countries children are exposed to extensive public animal abuse because of government 'practices'. Exposure to this violence has been shown to cause 'Harmful Effects' to the children. 


It is beginning.....

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