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Interview with Malcolm Plant

On Friday, August 23. 2013, Thomas Janak, from Wild Time Radio, talked to Malcolm Plant, the initiator of the 'Making the Link' Study in-depth. 

Wild Time Radio wrote:

"Primarily focussing on Eastern Europe, “Making the link” are exploring the link between animal abuse and human abuse. The introduction of helplines both in Romania and Bulgaria and an extensive study into reasons for abuse as well as implementing education and change is what makes the UK registered charity “Making the link” a vital part of cultural change in eastern Europe."

Interview with Professor Eleonora Gullone

September 10, 2013 - Thomas Janak, Wild Time Radio, spoke to Professor Eleonora Gullone-Parhar, PhD, FAPS, Adjunct Associate Professor School of Psychology and Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences, Monash University, Australia. 

Wild Time Radio wrote:

Animal Cruelty, Antisocial Behaviour, and Aggression: More than a Link – in conversation with Professor Eleonora Gullone.

Professor Eleonora Gullone has researched Animal Cruelty, Antisocial Behaviour, and Aggression (also the title of her book) since the mid 1980's.

On WILD TIME she tells us just how deep (and disturbing) the link goes. This is a must-listen-to conversation. This is part three of our 'making the link between animal abuse and human abuse' series.

Animal Cruelty, Antisocial Behaviour, and Aggression -In conversation with Prof. Eleonora Gullone by Wildtimeradioon Mixcloud

Interview with Professor Philip Tedeschi

ON 29th of August, 2013, Thomas Janak, Wild Time Radio, spoke to Professor Philip Tedeschi from the Human-Animal Connection Institute at the University of Denver, and wrote:

Professor Philip Tedeschi and his team at the Institute for Human Animal Connection have spent more than two decades on studying the implications of being exposed to cruelty to animals and what it does or can do to those involved. 

Animal abuse as an indicator crime for spousal abuse and more as well as varying degrees of understanding animal abuse and a desensitisation / numbness and other responses to witnessing abuse are what we’re talking about in part 2.


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