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Animal Abuse Risk Assessment Checklist

For each of the questions below, indicate the response that best characterises how you feel about the statement.


1. Does the incident involve Commission of an offence? 

 i.e. beating/hunting/scalding/burning/swinging/stamping/



2 Are there any indications of  negligence                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

3 Is there any damage to internal structures at the location?

4 Are individuals displaying abnormal behaviour?


5 Are there locks on doors which are unusual?


6  Is there any other information which indicates violence/antisocial behaviour?


7 Aggression either verbal or physical shown to first



8  High victim vulnerability                                                            


9  Severe degree of victim suffering  involved in the incident?


10 Was the animal victim subjected to mutilation or postmortem dismemberment


11Animal victim was posed or otherwise displayed


12  Is there evidence of alcohol or drug abuse?


13 Are there children at the address?


14 Multiple injuries inflicted on one or more victims


15 Multiple types of injuries inflicted on one or more victims


16 Abuse or injury took place over a relatively long time frame

17  Act was pre-planned rather than reactive or opportunistic


18 Act involved overcoming obstacles to initiate or complete the abuse


19 Act was committed with high risk of detection or observation


20  Other illegal acts were committed at the scene of the animal cruelty


21 Animal cruelty was used to threaten, intimidate or coerce a human victim


22 Absence of economic motive


23 Perpetrator returned at least once to scene of the abuse, to relive the experience


24 Perpetrator returned at least once to scene of the abuse, to relive the experience


25 Perpetrator left messages or threats in association with the act of cruelty





Colour Key

Red – Identifiable at location

Orange – Potentially identifiable at location or subject to 2nd tier investigation


Observations :

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